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Hire manual testing specialists to ensure your business applications are bug-free, smooth, and provide a good experience to users. Our manual testing experts run tests on thousands of devices to detect issues and provide the best solutions to fix them.

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    Manual Testing For Unit

    It’s critical for each and every part of a larger system to work well. That’s where unit manual testing comes in. Employ manual testing experts from Cogtix Solutions to help you verify individual units, the functionality of each part, and component. Discover issues and fix them before they spread to the larger system.

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    Integration Manual Testing

    Business may have a complex set of systems, IT infrastructure, web and applications that are integrated. Hire our experts for integration testing to detect bugs and issues. Our quality analysts take a proactive approach to suggest the best solutions in case of problems.

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    Acceptance Testing

    Hire acceptance testing specialists from us. Ensure your applications and systems are fit to work. Identify errors and bugs before they can harm your functionality. Be prepared and ready to face the real world with confidence.

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    UI Testing

    Conduct manual testing of the user interface of your applications. Hire UI testing experts to ensure the smooth functioning of your applications and top performance through manual testing. The result: applications function exactly what they were designed for.

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    System Manual Testing

    Outsource system testing to Cogtix Solutions. Our manual testing specialists ensure all integrated aspects of the application are tested. Hire manual testing experts to ensure your tools meet the desired requirements so you can carry on your business with confidence.

Manual Testing: The Cogtix Solutions Advantage

Cogtix Solutions is a reputed IT company that provides manual testing services. Our high-quality standards mean we pay attention to each and every detail during manual testing. We ensure our clients are satisfied and can run their business functions with confidence.

Our team of manual testing experts are adept with tools, technologies, and skills for manual testing. We follow the best practices to ensure our clients have IT infrastructure and systems that can face the real world without any issues. We bring together a large team of manual testing experts along with high-quality standards.

5 to 8 years of manual testing expertise

Experience across industries

More than 100 projects were completed successfully

Dedicated professionals and one-point contact

Hire manual testing professionals at affordable rates

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