Fixed Cost

At Cogtix Solutions, we offer a fixed model to our clients who already have a predefined detailed scope of work, timeline, and deliverables. If a clear requirement is not established, we recommend our clients first use our Discovery Process service to scope detailed requirements for the project. This model has advantages and disadvantages as explained below and is suitable for small and mid-size projects.

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One of the main benefits of a Fixed Cost Model is that it offers predictability and transparency to clients. Clients know exactly what they will be charged for a project, and they can plan their budgets accordingly.


The main disadvantage of the Fixed Cost Model is that it may not be suitable for projects with a high degree of uncertainty or those that require a lot of changes or revisions. This can often occur when the project is large and complex. It is also important to carefully consider the scope of work to be completed, as changes or additions to the scope can result in additional charges. Finally, suppose the scope of work is not well-defined. In that case, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the cost of a project, which can result in undercharging or overcharging for services.


Requirement Gathering

We collect and analyze information from stakeholders in order to define the scope and objectives of a project to ensure the end product meets their requirements.


UI/UX Design

We create catchy and charming designs with the latest tools of designing to make it the best user-friendly experience.



We will then create a prototype to demo how different key functionalities will work before we start developing it.



We will then develop using the latest tools and technologies. We will frequently share our progress and demo features as we complete them.


Quality Assurance

We will provide QA service to extensively end to end test each feature to deliver 100% bug-free solutions.



We can then help the app launch on Web, App store, or Play Store.


Support & Maintenance

We offer ongoing support to help you continuously scale and improve as well as solve any production issues.

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